Statement of Green Russia faction of the Russian political party Yabloko-Green Russia to the 21st Council Meeting, European Green Party

Istanbul, Turkey, November 7-9 2014

Dear friends and colleagues on the green movement!

Only after the Russian annexation of the Crimea and a factual conquest of Russian speaking territories of the Eastern Ukraine, the World has started to understand that the Russian authority, that becomes more and more autocratic and totalitarian, will not stop efforts to preserve itself in the power even by destruction of the World law and order established after the Second World War and the dissolution of the USSR. The party Yabloko-Green Russia warned about this dangerous tendency for a long time.

Today, the Russian authority denounces independent from the Kremlin public organization to be « foreign agents », and this expression for most of Russian people sounds like « foreign spies ». The authorities covertheir anti-environmental policy with environmental rhetoric. Abandonment from the European integration of Russia became an official policy. Destruction of small and medium-scale business becomes a deliberate policy (more than 300,000 of small and medium-size enterprises stopped existence for last two years). Censorship as a matter of fact exists in the state, and independent mass media are a tiny drop in the ocean of Putin’s propaganda. We still have not have concentration camps, but even without them the opponents of the regime in increasing frequency are put into prisons or are forced to emigrate.

Leaders of Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries, who supported Vladimir Putin for many years with closed eyes to an evident degradation of Russian democratic institutions and militarization of the country, are partly responsible for imposition of Fascisation in Russia.

We are sure that a pseudo-patriotic (but in fact chauvinistic) frenzy of the Russian society will pass and the current Kremlin regime will fail. To prevent transformation of this crash into a bloody slaughter-house is a task not only of the Russian civil society, but also of politicians from the other countries.

We are doing and will do that in our force to stop the antidemocratic and anti-European development of Russia.

The Bureau of the Green Russia

October 2014

Illustration : Olga Tsepilova, leader du parti Yabloko-Green Russia